Last but not least, Crux!

Crux outdoor & education is an outdoor sports organization that offers mainly courses and trips into the mountains. They offer various alpine courses and courses about canyoning, via ferrata and more!

Are you enthusiastic and do you want to know more about this? Then take a look at the website! (


Only 1 day left till the Rab NSKB 2022 and 2 sponsors left to announce! Now we’ll introduce you to Monk.

Monk is a company with 4 bouldergyms (in Rotterdam, Eindhoven and Amsterdam) and an online webshop. They sell everything you need for training and for bouldering outdoors. Come and visit Monk, or take a look on their website to check it all out! (

Studenten Sport Nederland

SSN (Studenten Sport Nederland) is also a sponsor of this years NSKB! SSN is a national organization that represents the interests of approximately 200,000 student athletes in the Netherlands. With the supervision of SSN, up to 50 NSKs are organised every year, of which the NSKB is one of them!


This year, Klimwinkel will also be a sponsor of the NSKB!

Klimwinkel is a webshop where you can find all the equipment you need for climbing. They deliver really fast (order before 5 pm and it will arive the next day) and they do have great discounts. For more information and the products, take a look on the website


The NSKB will take place in only 5 days, but we still have more sponsors to announce. Next up is: Crimptonite!

Crimptonite is specialized in making the best training equipment for the climbing community. With “ The Best” it’s not only about quality but as well as sustainability, user experience, and looks.

Some of the prizes of this years NSKB are sponsored by Crimptonite, so the winners can get even stronger than they already are! Do you want to train already and not wait for winning the NSKB? Take a look on the website ( to check out on all their products!


Next sponsor to introduce is the NSAC!

The NSAC (Dutch Student Alpine Club) is the place to be to incorporate climbing and mountaineering into your student life. The NSAC offers a varied (course) program for everyone, in summer and winter, from beginners to advanced. Do you want to discover the Alps with a group of fellow students? Or do you want to learn how to climb on ice and improve your skiing skills? Than take a look on their website ( for more information!

The NSAC has helped us organising the NSKB by (besides sponsoring) answering a lot of our questions. So on behalf of the NSKBcie, thanks NSAC!


Next sponsor to introduce is Axis!

Axis offers everything you need for a climbing gym or bouldering hall. From climbing walls, climbing holds, articles for in a shop to a fully developed design for a new hall.

For this years NSKB, Axis has sponsored a new set of holds for the final routes, you definitely want to try these out, so another reason to try your best to get into the finals!

Check their website for more!

Hommes Survival & Outdoor

The next sponsor we would like to announce is Hommes Survival & Outdoor!

Hommes Survival & Outdoor offers a variety of outdoor sports. Sports like survivalrun, archery and kayaking. You can try those sports in clinics and courses, or you can join the survivalrun trainings. Hommes also organises travels, mainly in France.

If you want to try out something new like survivalrun, don’t hesitate en visit their website: !